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Héroes <3
it’s summertime and i’m high,
smoking in a mcdonald’s parking lot in the darkness.
he looks over and laughs at my reaction,
and i shake my fucking head because
what else is there to do?
i’ve never been here like this before,
loitering with strangers,
a little overwhelmed, but enjoying myself.
here i am, riding around with a stranger,
who now knows my entire life story,
and i’m not as nervous and i probably should be.
it’s getting later and later,
and he’s getting sweeter and sweeter,
and all i want to do is kiss him.
but i don’t, because
the moment isn’t right to me.
i keep staring at his lips, and hell,
maybe he noticed that,
but he didn’t say a thing.
i don’t know how our hands found each other,
but when i looked down, there they were, and
i wasn’t nervous,
in my usual way.
there were little butterflies in my stomach,
and the stars were scarce
thanks to the lights of our shitty little town.
so we walked,
walked in the darkness,
and the next thing i remember is
his arm is around me
and i have to do it.
we’re alone and the stars are out and
the cold, silent summer air begs me to.
i stop him for a moment, he turns,
i kiss him,
nothing over the top, and i damn near fall in the process.
our hands find each other again and we walked,
sitting down and getting closer,
and it was weird to me, because
i hadn’t done this in years.
but damn, is he patient, taking baby steps with me.
he took me home and i kissed him goodnight,
and i walked through the door with a genuine smile
and a heart that wanted to bust through my ribcage.
-the best buzz i’m ever gonna find (kml)

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